A new program to improve the lives of people challenged by illness

Introducing Tri-State LifeCare. We are a new home-based program focused on enhancing and extending the lives of those dealing with chronic, serious illnesses who are not yet eligible for Hospice care.

Tri-State LifeCare meets a need in the community for specialized healthcare that improves and often extends the quality of life for our patients. We help manage conditions, alleviate symptoms, reduce flare-ups and hospitalizations, and overall make life more pleasant and comfortable for the patient and family members – all in the convenience of home.

Our LifeCare program brings peace of mind and confidence to those grappling with difficult health issues, enabling them to spend more quality time at home with loved ones.

About Our Program

Click to learn how the Tri-State LifeCare program provides home-based palliative medical care to patients within our service area.

Accessing Services

Click to learn more about how physicians and family members can initiate Tri-State LifeCare services for a loved one.


P: 304.399.0225 E: info@tristatelifecare.org

PO Box 464 | Huntington, WV 25709
1101 6th Avenue | Huntington, WV 25701