About Tri-State LifeCare

The Tri-State LifeCare (TLC) program provides a spectrum of home-based palliative medical and respite care to patients of all ages within our service area while working in collaboration with each patient’s primary care physician.

What Services Does Tri-State LifeCare Provide?
Tri-State LifeCare offers three levels of service, each customized to make palliative convenient for patients and their families. Learn more under Services.

Who Makes Up the Tri-State LifeCare Team?
Our team is composed of board-certified Palliative Care physicians with extensive experience in geriatrics, along with nurse practitioners with Palliative Care certifications who are assisted by nurses and social workers. We also have a team of highly qualified and trained Caregivers, who are ready to provide in-home support for a variety of daily living tasks.

Where Do We Deliver Care?
Our caregivers see patients wherever their homes may be, whether a private residence, an assisted living facility, a senior group home, a skilled nursing facility or other location. It could even be our Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House for short-term palliative respite visits.

What Are the Benefits of Tri-State LifeCare Services?
Studies show that seriously ill patients who begin palliative care close to the time of diagnosis are more likely to live longer and have improved feelings of well-being. TLC services include regular in-home visits and expert management of chronic conditions that ultimately reduce needless suffering, stress, and ongoing unpleasant side effects.

Tri-State LifeCare’s home-based team learns about each patient’s situation and offers a more personalized plan of care that’s developed between the patient, provider team and family according to your loved one’s specific healthcare needs.

Palliative care can also reduce healthcare costs as a result of closer monitoring and fewer complications, adverse events, emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

What Types of Insurance Does Tri-State LifeCare Accept?
Many of our services can be covered by insurance, and Tri-State LifeCare accepts most types of insurance. Please refer to our services chart for more specific information about which of our services are covered by insurance and which are private pay.

Where Is Our Service Area?
Our service area includes Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln and Mason counties in West Virginia, and Lawrence County, Ohio.

How Do I Access Services?
Tri-State LifeCare welcomes your call at 304-399-0225, or click the button below to send us an email to inquire about care for your loved one.

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