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The Tri-State LifeCare program offers three different levels of palliative care to patients of all ages.

Our team of professionals works in collaboration with the patient’s primary care provider and sees the patient wherever their home may be, whether a private residence, an assisted living facility, a senior group home, a skilled nursing facility or other location. For our Palliative Respite Program, patients are provided with short-term respite care in the Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House. The specific level of care is based on individual needs as determined by the patient, provider team and family.

For more information, Tri-State LifeCare welcomes your call at 304-399-0225, or click the button below to send us an email to inquire about care for your loved one.

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Breakdown of the Levels of Care

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Palliative Respite Care

Who Comes?

A caregiver, who has been trained by Hospice of Huntington to provide services to seriously ill patients. This worker is backed by a trusted agency that provides back-up care if something happens and the scheduled worker cannot come. If a licensed care worker is needed, Certified Nurse Assistants are available.

Our Palliative Provider comes to your home as an extension of your primary care physician to assist with medication adjustments, discuss your illness and symptoms and help improve your quality of life at home. This is like the doctor’s office coming to you instead of you having to go to the doctor. The Palliative Provider is specially trained to care for patients in the palliative stage of an illness and can help improve the quality of life for you and provide helpful information and support for your caregivers. A patient on home palliative services can still receive home health services, chemotherapy and other treatments.

Patients currently enrolled in Tri-State LifeCare’s Palliative Program can receive inpatient respite care and services at the EDJHH if they are determined to be medically eligible by a Tri-State LifeCare physician.

What Do You Get?

Caregivers can provide companion services such as sitting, light housekeeping, transportation and socialization. Personal care workers can also provide personal care services such as bathing and grooming.

Extended time in your home to talk with a provider about your condition and family needs. This allows the opportunity to ask questions and get information/resources you may not have time for during an office visit. This service also helps prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital. We provide physical assessments, medication management, lab work, recommendations for home medical equipment, dietary consult, care coordination and more. Important information is shared with your physician so he/she can manage your care in the best possible way.

The patient receives 24-hour-a-day care for up to one week.

Who Pays for It?

Tri-State Life Care Caregiving Services are paid for by the client, Power of Attorney or with a long-term care insurance policy. Tri-State LifeCare Caregiving Services are not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. A payment deposit, plus a free care assessment, is required in advance of service.

Your health insurance pays for it just like they would if you were going to the doctor’s office. Co-pays apply. Most co-pays range from $0-$30 per visit. The number of visits is determined by you and your physician. It might just be one visit or scheduled at regular intervals as needed. You can determine based on need.

How Do I Get the Service?

Call 304-399-0225 to schedule a caregiver or to discuss services.

Contact the Tri-State LifeCare office by calling 304-399-0225 to schedule a visit.

Contact the Tri-State LifeCare office by calling 304-399-0225.

View Our Crosswalk Chart for a Breakdown of Our Different Levels of Care


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