Home Palliative Medical Care Services

When patients enroll in Tri-State LifeCare(TLC)’s Home Palliative Medical Care Program, our palliative provider comes to your home as an extension of your primary care physician with whom we work collaboratively. This is like the doctor’s office coming to the patient instead of the patient having to go to the doctor.

The palliative provider is specially trained to care for patients in the palliative stages of an illness and can help improve the quality of life for the patient while they continue living at home, be that in a private residence, an assisted living facility, a senior group home, a skilled nursing facility or other location.

During these personal, extended visits, the palliative provider and skilled nursing team can assist with medication adjustments, discuss ongoing symptoms of your illness in more depth, and provide helpful information and support for your caregivers.

A patient who is receiving Home Palliative Medical Care can still receive other home health services, chemotherapy and other curative treatments. Your palliative provider simply works as an extension of your primary care physician so that you can manage your care as efficiently as possible from the comfort of home.

Home Palliative Medical Care visits are covered by health insurance; co-pays apply. You and your primary care physician determine the number and frequency of visits to assure the level of care you need.

For more information about Home Palliative Medical Care Services, Tri-State LifeCare welcomes your call at 304-399-0225. You can also click the button below to send us an email to inquire about care for your loved one.



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